816 pcs tool kit Trolley Case Machanic Tool box
816 pcs tool kit Trolley Case Machanic Tool box
816 pcs tool kit Trolley Case Machanic Tool box

816 pcs tool kit Trolley Case Machanic Tool box

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It is paradise of tools for every task. Our Tool Kit Trolley Case comprises 816 pieces of tools of every variety and size to suit the job. Made of high-quality chrome vanadium, the tools are built to last and designed to perform consistently and reliably. The case itself has designated slots for each tool to keep them in steady hold. Better still, the durable aluminium alloy case is made highly portable with wheels, a telescopic handle, carry handle and dual locks and key latches with two keys for safe and secure storage. Whether it is for professional use or DIY home projects, our tool kit is your best companion for a job well done with the right tools. 

Comprehensive 816-piece tool kit 
Huge assortment of practical tools for professional or hobby use 
Four removable inserts in the case 
High-quality chrome vanadium tools 
Firm and durable aluminium trolley case 
Telescopic handle and carry handle 
Dual lock and key latches with two keys 
Roller wheels for ease of transportation 

Pieces: 816 
Tool material: Chrome vanadium and carbon steel 
Case material: Aluminium alloy 
Inserts: Blow-moulded plastic 
Weight: 13kg 
Trolley case colour: Black/Silver 
Tray A: 
1x 6 inch diagonal cutting pliers 
1x 6 inch adjustable wrench 
1x 9 inch water pump pliers 
1x 6 inch long nose pliers 
1x 6 inch cyprinoid pliers 
9x ratchet wrenches 6-8-10-11-12-13-14-15-17mm 
Tray B: 
2x nylon clamps 
60x fasteners 
1x insulated tape 
1x 10 inch level 
1x fitter's hammer 8oz 
1x utility knife 
1x scissors 
1x 8 inch scrimping pliers 
1x ratchet T-handle 
2x hex keys 
Tray C: 
11x screwdrivers 
3x insulated screwdrivers 
6x precession screwdrivers 
1x tyre gauge 
48 x 25mm bits 
16x hex keys 
1x bit extension bar 
1x spinner handle 
Tray D: 
15x 1/4 inch drive sockets 
14x 1/2 inch drive sockets 
1x 1/4 inch drive sliding T handle 
1x 1/2 inch drive sliding T handle 
1x 1/4 universal joint 
1x 1/2 universal joint 
1x 1/4 2 inch extension bar 
1x 1/4 4 inch extension bar 
1x 1/2 5 inch extension bar 
1x flexible extension bar 
2x spark plug socket (16,21mm) 
1x 1/4 inch drive ratchet 
1x 1/2 inch drive ratchet 
1x 6 inch socket screwdriver 
600 x ribbons 10cm 
2 x pairs of gloves 

Package Contents: 
1 x Tool Kit Trolley Case
1 x Tool List Colour Page
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